Frequently asked questions

This is our public FAQ. More detailed information can be found by logging in and visiting our docs section.


Where can I use the Access Service?

You can use our Access Service from anywhere in the world. If you have trouble connecting, please contact us.

How much can I download?

Our plans allow unlimited downloading for personal use on the majority of our servers. Don't worry about downloading large files or streaming video 24/7.

A small number of premium servers have a monthly download limit. See our acceptable use policy for more details.

Where are your servers?

We have servers around the world. If you need a specific location, please contact us.

Which platforms or devices do you support?

We support: Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch), macOS, Windows, Linux and OpenWRT.

Can I connect multiple devices at the same time?

Yes. As long as these are your personal devices that's no problem. We allow up to 6 devices per account. In some cases it may be necessary to connect each device to a different server to avoid conflicts.

How often can I change servers?

You can switch as often as you like. Switching servers is free.

Do you offer DNS-leak protection?

Yes. Whether DNS-leak protection is available depends on the protocol you choose.

Do you have a kill-switch?

Yes. Contact us for usage details.

Do use DNSSEC?

Most of our servers have DNSSEC enabled.

When do I receive my login information?

After payment our system immediately sends you the Login Details e-mail. If you haven't received it within 30 minutes please check your spam folder or contact us.

Do you have a NAT firewall?

Yes. Whenever you connect to our Access Service you automatically benefit from our NAT firewalls. This is includedwith your plan for free.

I need help!

Please contact us at We prefer e-mail because our e-mail system will automatically show all your details to the support engineer. This makes it easier to provide you a relevant answer as fast as possible.

I want a refund.

We offer a 14-day money back guarantee. If you changed your mind within this period, please contact us at and we'll arrange a refund promptly. No questions asked.

How do I cancel my service?

We prefer if you drop us a note at Alternatively you can simply stop payments to us. The service will terminate automatically.

Do you allow Bittorrent?

No. We have no way to distinguish legal from illegal torrents, so unfortunately we cannot allow the use of bittorrent.

Are you blocking port XYZ?

To minimize abuse of our service some ports may be blocked. Please contact us if you're running into a blocked port and need a server or service to be whitelisted.

Do you allow bit btSync?

We would love to, but unfortunately we're unable to distinguish it from regular Bittorrent.

Does the service work world-wide?

Currently the service works in all countries, except Turkmenistan, Nigeria and Ghana.

Who translates your website?

Our website is translated by GPT, whom you may know from the ChatGPT website. If you notice anything problematic, please let us know.